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Welcome to Nauta Marketing Interim marketing projects and product introductions.

Nauta Marketing is an activity of Nauta Beheer. I (Jaap Nauta) offer you more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience; regional, national as well as international. I believe that marketing is more than just advertising and I would love to further discuss this with you.

Nauta Marketing is specialist in International Product Launches and has expericience in:

  • All countries in Western Europe

  • US (East en West Coast)

  • Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan)

  • Australia

  • South Africa

My job is helping companies to introduce their products and services SUCCESSFULLY

More Information

About Nauta Marketing

  • Jaap Nauta (1963)
  • Over 20 years of experience in Marketing & Sales
  • 10 years of international experience (i.e. USA, West Europe, North and South Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia)
  • We speak, read and write English, German, French and Dutch
  • Part time teacher of Marketing at the University of Applied Science Groningen
  • Practical
  • Sales oriented
  • Creative
  • Measurable results
  • Everything is possible!

In today's economy we experience cutbacks and declining revenues. This means that the battle for business has become tougher. You need more creativity to bring your message across. Nauta Marketing would like to help you and become your partner. We look at your business differently because we are objective and are not influenced by your past.

Contact us for an initial meeting ( without cost or obligation) and benefit from our international experience and knowledge. The first meeting is free of charge. so why not send us an email or give us a call?

Take a look at our services


What can we do for you?

Marketing strategy

Together with you, we will analyze your strong and weak points. Then we will determine where the opportunities and possible threats are in your market. We also will have a look which product or service in your portfolio brings the most results and will do so in the future. After this analysis we will advise you in the right strategic choices and planning.

Marketing campaign

Do you already have the right strategy? In that case we are happy to develop the right campaign to sell your product or service. We can advise you on the concept, content, method, planning, presentation, and best suited communication tools to use.

Product Introduction

New products and services are important. On average new products bring 40% (!) of your turnover. Nauta Marketing has years of experience in (re)introducing new products and services, both national as international.

Check out our Portfolio


Seeing is believing? No problem!
In our portfolio you will find several strategies, campaigns and product introductions that we developed.

Nauta Marketing works closely together with Insert Media, a full service advertising agency with offices in Groningen and Roermond.

Contact Nauta Marketing


Nauta Marketing - Jaap Nauta
P.O. Box 5268
9700 GG  Groningen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)596 57 21 95
M: +31 (0)6 8120 8650